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Mapei Release Mapelastic in new 16kg Kit


Mapei Release Mapelastic in new 16kg Kit

Mapei Release Mapelastic in new 16kg Kit

Mapelastic, the world’s number one Waterproofing Membrane, is now available in a 16kg kit contained within a tub.
Used extensively over the last ten years, Mapelastic has proven to be one of the most popular waterproofing products available as during 2010 alone an estimated 15 million m2 was covered using the product.

Mapelastic is the preferred choice for many professional contractors, however with the introduction of the new reduced sized 16kg kit, this system is ideal for use on smaller projects for both professional users and competent DIY installers where a more ‘robust’ waterproofing system is required.

Mapelastic is based on cementitious binders, fine-grained selected aggregates, special additives and synthetic polymer dispersions, blended according to a formula developed in MAPEI’s own research laboratories. The flexible cement mortar is ideal for waterproofing and the protection of concrete structures, renders and cementitious screeds.
The new 16kg kit comprises of 2 X 6kg Part A powder components and a 4kg Part B bottle of liquid, all contained in a handy mixing bucket!

When the two components are mixed together, a free-flowing mix is obtained and once applied forms a proprietary waterproof coating providing a true waterproof tank.
Mapelastic has excellent bonding properties to a wide variety of substrates including concrete, masonry, wood, ceramic and marble surfaces. The kit is ideal for waterproofing bathrooms, showers, balconies, terraces, swimming pools, etc. before laying ceramic tile finishes. In addition to waterproofing of plasterboard, render or cementitious surfaces, lightweight cement blocks and WBP or exterior grade plywood.
Mapelastic continues to be available in 32kg kits for larger projects including leisure complexes, screeds, concrete substrates and pillars, even dams and viaducts.
Once cured, it is resistant to the chemical attack of de- icing salts, sulphates, chlorides and carbon dioxide as well as being UV resistant. This applies in areas located with particularly demanding climatic conditions, for example, in coastal areas with a saline-rich atmosphere or contact with seawater and in industrial areas where the air is particularly polluted. With Mapelastic, it is ensured that the structure is protected and waterproofed and will have a long service life.