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Doodle Bug & Safety Floor Cleaning


New in today are the 3M doodle bug ranges

What is it used for?

The doodle bug or edging tool as it is also known is your perfect partner in combating filthy floors.

This is the most effective way of cleaning safety flooring and wet room flooring.

What do I need?

You will need a Doodle Bug Head a pad and a handle 

There are 4 pads available 

Blue Pad for normal duty cleaning

Black Pad for heavy Duty Cleaning 

Brown Pad for Stripping of polish etc

White Pad for polishing 

What cleaner is best for safety flooring?

We offer 2 kinds

Altro 44

British nova safety flooring cleaner 

Used in conjunction with the doodle bug cleaning system you are well on your way to a gleaming floor every time

Click here to buy doodle bug system 

Click here to buy Altro 44 cleaner 

Click here to buy British Nova safety Floor Cleaner